Hi Everyone,
My name is Stephen, but it's pronounced with a "v" so please call me Steven. I'm from Australia.

I was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, and while growing up, I spent a lot of time at the beach with my family. We always had pet dogs, so I love animals and I love getting out and about and exploring new places around town with my friends.

I first visited Japan for holidays in 1997 and over the next few years I made lots of Japanese friends in Australia. I learned more about Japan and the culture through my friends, and I finally moved to Japan in 2006. I have been living and working in Tokyo ever since, and I now call Japan home.

For more than 7 years now, I have been teaching at both public and private schools in Tokyo. I really love working with children and find it really satisfying helping children with their development.

I can’t wait to see you at Prime!